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Terrestrial Laser Scanning / Fluvial Geomorphology

Terrestrial Laser Scanning - Applications in fluvial geomorphology

Last Field trip this year? 
We went three days to the Reintal Valley for some field work. Maybe the last time this year?

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ESPL is now accepted 
Our ESPL "team-paper" is now accepted and will be published in the next issue. Thank you Tobi for your major work on that.

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TLS at Wolin National Park, Poland 
Last week we scanned two sites of coastal cliff erosion at Wolin National Park in Poland. The results from that will be presented on a Poster at the AK Geomorphologie held in Leipzig from 28.09. to 01.10.2011.

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Project Ostrau finished 
We started our scans at the Ostrau pit in the last week of January. Now it is finished and a concluding report was send to Günther Papenburg AG.

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ZFG Paper accepted 
The TLS ZFG paper is finaly accepted and will be published in february 2011.

It's out now (Link).

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